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Physical and Energetic Mindfulness
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As a 200H YTT Yoga Instructor and NASM Personal Trainer, I blend eastern philosophy with western science to explore what it means to be centered in one’s own body and mind amidst a world that never stops spinning.

My approach to a fulfilled life lies in a twofold process of cleansing our system of what doesn’t serve us while strengthening the behaviors that spark joy and weave empowerment into our day-to-day lives. With an intuitive approach to healing and self-care, I blend yoga, meditation, resistance training, breathwork, mindfulness practices, and a plethora of other activities to connect us to the present moment. From there, we will work together to sharpen your own intuition, seize the power you hold in your own heart, and walk with intention towards the life of your dreams.

Your transformation begins the moment you choose to take the first step forward. With my hand extended in support, I am ready to help you on your way.

200H YTT Yoga Instructor - 2021
Verified by HatchPath
NASM Certified Personal Trainer - 2023
Verified by HatchPath
Systemic Healing Institute Family Constellations Facilitator - 2022
Verified by HatchPath
20H YTT CET - "Wristore Your Practice" - 2023
Verified by HatchPath

Currently, Christopher Sintic doesn't have any available programs. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new opportunities!

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