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Banish hormonal imbalances! Feel amazing all month long :)

I am a nutrition coach and herbalist specializing in women's health - such as pain free periods, no PMS, reducing endometriosis, and transitioning through perimenopause. I help women at all stages of life support their bodies, minds and hearts. I know firsthand how important continuous health support is to our wellbeing, and the importance of a strong foundation of good nutrition.

Working together, we will:

Discover the true root cause of your issues so that you can tackle them head on to create an inspiring life. This will help you heal faster. The changes you are empowered to make during our sessions together will lay the foundation for your overall health.

Develop clear goals and deep purpose, putting your self as number on priority. Taking easy steps to build a healthy foundation that you can sustain on your own.

Establish the understanding and habits you need to achieve your optimal health, through customized diet, nutraceuticals and lifestyle suggestions.

Create a plan that will guide you step by step on what you need to do to acheive optimal health. You are not doing this alone.

You have the power to take control of your life!

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition - 2009
Verified by HatchPath
Elderberry Academy of Herbal Medicne - 2023
Verified by HatchPath


Follow Up Session Banner
Follow Up Session
30 Minute Follow Up Session (existing clients only)
One session
Devi Panday
Total Wellness Transformation Starts Banner
$160 /session
Total Wellness Transformation Starts
Banish painful periods, hormonal acne, heavy bleeding, estrogen dominance, and other PMS issues!
3 Sessions
Devi Panday
Thrive with Comprehensive Support Banner
$120 /session
Thrive with Comprehensive Support
A 3 month program to address chronic issues such as endometriosis, polyps, or fertility issues
7 Sessions
Devi Panday

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