Jessica Grys

Hi – I’m Jess! I’m a Toronto-based holistic nutrition health coach and certified hormone health practitioner. I'm on a mission to help busy, over-stressed women find balance in their lives and hormones.

I've experienced issues arising from hormone imbalance from a young age - having to leave school because of painful period cramps, and PMS that left me feeling like I was on a rollercoaster every month. While hormonal birth control lessened some of these symptoms, it had a significant impact on my mental health and ultimately, didn’t resolve the root cause of my symptoms. Feeling like there wasn’t much I could do, I relied on heating pads and painkillers on a monthly basis.

It wasn’t until I started learning more about holistic health that I came to understand that many of my symptoms were signals from my body of an underlying hormone and blood sugar imbalance. Listening to these signals, taking a root cause approach to healing, focusing on stress management, balancing my blood sugar, and prioritizing eating and exercising for my cycle have been so foundational in my health journey.

An advocate at heart, I’m passionate about educating women about how our bodies work, empowering us to be in the driver’s seat of our wellbeing, and knowing how we can use diet and lifestyle to optimize our health and feel our best.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition - 2023
Verified by HatchPath
Institute for Integrative Nutrition - 2023
Verified by HatchPath
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition - 2023
Verified by HatchPath

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