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I am a holistic nutritionist and meditation instructor and my own journey started after a cancer diagnosis. 13 years on remission and counting, I am on a mission to empower as many people as I can connect to their mind, body and soul. I truly believe that we are what we eat, I also believe we are our thoughts, beliefs emotions, habits and ENERGY. Using a holistic approach I am here to be your guiding light, supporting and connecting you to your best and healthiest version.

Together we will:

  • Create a plan: This will be your A to Z roadmap that is personalized and aligned with your goals and what is important to you.
  • Go to the root cause: Uncover the real reason of previous struggles, understand and clear them out of the way at the subconscious level
  • Accountability: Simplifying action steps and prioritizing health and wellbeing
  • Fun: Shifitng selfcare from a task to something to look forward to everyday.

The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy - 2023
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The Institute of Holistic Nutrition - 2023
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Hoame Meditation - 2023
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