Catherine Rojas-Contento

Catherine is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), Holistic Living Coach, community-builder, and CEO of EarthWell, based in Toronto, On. Catherine works with her clients to reach optimal, sustainable health through nutrition and lifestyle. 

She works from the understanding that everything you need to reach proper health is derived from the earth. She is currently taking on clients that would like to focus on the foundations of nutrition, foundations of health, mindful lifestyles, gut health and pre/post natal nutrition. The first step to reaching a healthier you is deciding you want to be a healthier you. The choices you make today will determin your tomorrow and the tomorrows of those after you! Holistic nutritionists are there to support the process.

Catherine is goal-driven and open-minded - she can't wait to help you feel better in your skin!

Areas of interest

Digestive health, foundation of nutrition, nervous system support, pre&post-natal nutrition

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