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Similarly to many of us working in the wellness world, my personal health journey is what brought me into it and today I flourish in helping anyone that I can. My experience, combined with my education, allows me to effectively navigate others into a healthful lifestyle through attainable & sustainable balanced eating & uplifting habits. While I am professional, I want my clients to feel they can be exactly themselves around me! I do like to find humour in things because life is too short to be too serious & boring. Plus laughing is extremely good for you and your abs. Hannah Health is my guidance towards elevated health & getting in touch with yourself. I'm fascinated by the role that the gut has on the brain, and am passionate in educating others on the link between the two. Coming from a history of severe anxiety, heavy medication use, high stress, extreme disordered eating, amenorrhea, hypothyroidism & being celiac, I know first-hand about the challenges that it takes to heal.

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition - 2020
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