Laurence Annez

Hey, I'm Laurence! I am a holistic women’s coach and practitioner and I help women reclaim their power, harmonize their hormones, and elevate their life through subconscious reprogramming and mind-body alignment. I incorporate a holistic approach using tools like Hypnotherapy, NLP, holistic nutrition, mindset exploration, and somatic work in order to optimize your physical health, deepen your connection to your body and spirit, and heal the energetic and emotional layers that are preventing you from leveling up. I support women in finding their voice, embodying their feminine energy, and clearing any obstacles that hinder them from owning their desires, accepting and loving their bodies, and creating a life that’s on their own terms. Feminine empowerment is at the core of my coaching philosophy. I believe in women reclaiming their power, honoring their feminine essence, and living life unapologetically.

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