Laurence Annez

Hey, I'm Laurence! Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Coach for women.

I help high achieving women with PCOS heal their physical, mental, and emotional health at the ROOT so they can show up confidently and live their lives to the FULLEST while stepping into their highest potential and purpose. My mission is to guide them through their own healing and spiritual awakening to create healthy and fulfilling lives on their own terms, without burning out.

As a women's coach and mentor, I support women in navigating their personal and professional lives while managing the unique challenges and health considerations associated with PCOS and hormonal imbalances.

As a holistic nutritionist, health coach, life coach and NLP practitioner I utilize a holistic, science-based, and mind-body approach, using tools like Hypnotherapy, NLP, holistic nutrition, mindset exploration, and somatic work, to support root-cause healing and transformation from the inside out.

My passion lies in health and wellness, feminine empowerment, entrepreneurship, and how to optimize physical, mental, and emotional health.

Areas of interest

Holistic Health Practitioner and Transformation Coach

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