Shawntella McCarthy

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I’m an empowerment coach that works with clients 1:1 and in groups to help them establish clarity, create connection, and embody the true essence of self. If you’re transitioning through life changes and want to implement healthy habits and routines, we’ll tackle it together.

I offer my clients a safe space to navigate through thoughts and together, we’ll discover your true values and how they impact your state of mind. If there are areas in your life where you feel a sense of tension or discomfort, I will help you work through this by providing practical tools and resources. We’ll focus on your core beliefs and interests to create the moments of pleasure and fulfillment that you deserve.

Health Coach Institute - 2023
Verified by HatchPath
Health Coach Institute - 2023
Verified by HatchPath


Foundations of Behaviour Change Banner
$140 /session
Foundations of Behaviour Change
Gain clarity and discover your next steps!
3 Sessions
Shawntella McCarthy
Embody your Essence Banner
$133 /session
Embody your Essence
A dynamic program empowering women to reignite their inner flame by building their confidence.
12 Sessions
Shawntella McCarthy

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