Zoë Pingitore

I am committed to guiding you to live your best life, as your most true self. -- Over the years of evolving myself, I became aware of the beautiful connection between the Mind + Body, which lead me to a deep passion for Holistic Health. I have experience tons of gut issues, unexplained pain in my body, anxiety, OCD, constant overwhelm, lack of self love & confidence... the list could go on. I remember feeling stuck & confused, everything I desired seemed so far away. However, changing the fuelled my body, healing my gut, challenging my mindset to evolve & practicing an intuitive way of living - which lead me to find peace within myself & my life, tapping into the ultimate mind + body balance. Since my transformation, I have been drawn to working alongside people like you, the ones who see a greater potential in themselves & in life. My soul purpose lies in guiding my clients towards holistic healing that results in majorly improve mental & physical health.

Areas of interest


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