Mindfulness & Spiritual

Discover inner peace and purpose through the fusion of mindfulness and spirituality. Our coach guides you in exploring your spiritual beliefs while teaching techniques to reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, and promote mental clarity.
Claudia Howick Banner
Claudia HowickVerified Coach
Somatic + Subconscious Healing
Laura Dias Banner
Laura DiasVerified Coach
Huna Practitioner/ Spiritual Guide
Marcelina Sawicka Banner
Marcelina Sawicka
Returning you back to a soulful place of love and safety.
Essra  Paddock Banner
Essra PaddockVerified Coach
Mom burnout, Moms with anxiety, parents of addicts
Bec Symonds Banner
Bec SymondsVerified Coach
Transforming lives through the power of the mind - Coaching and Hypnotherapy Services - Lets journey within.
Emma Vertolli Banner
Emma VertolliVerified Coach
Eva Hooft Banner
Eva HooftVerified Coach
Detox Specialist, Somatic Healer and Spiritual Life Coach
Kathy Love Banner
Kathy LoveVerified Coach
Practical, daily self-care to end people pleasing, set boundaries & find peace in your relationships
Elizabeth Shuler Banner
Elizabeth ShulerVerified Coach
Relieve chronic stress, anxiety, and lingering trauma.
Christopher  Sintic Banner
Christopher SinticVerified Coach
Physical and Energetic Mindfulness
Jo Bakal Banner
Jo BakalVerified Coach
NBHWC Health and Wellness Coach specializing in Active Aging for Women over 40
Ariana Alcantara Banner
Ariana AlcantaraVerified Coach
Holistic Nutritionist
Alixe Faubert Banner
Alixe FaubertVerified Coach
Plant-Based Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, Gut Health
Jordan Dunin Banner
Jordan DuninVerified Coach
Cured Chronic Lyme Disease and TBI Naturally
Carla Pursnani Banner
Carla PursnaniVerified Coach
Empowerment Coach
Sasha Cayward  Banner
Sasha Cayward Verified Coach
Mindset and Life Coach
Kellie Artis Banner
Kellie ArtisVerified CoachMilitary Affiliation
Enneagram Teacher and Mentor | Army SOF Spouse
Elaine Whae Banner
Elaine WhaeVerified Coach
Breathwork & Energetics Coach | I reveal your truth with your breath

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